Paterson Street Abbotsford

In 2009 we engaged Melpro to do quite a big home renovation. We had obtained architectural plans from Quadrant Designs. It involved moving out for 8 months whilst the work was done. We have been absolutely delighted with our involvement with Melpro. Their workmanship has been exceptional, and they never take short‐cuts. The end result has been magnificent!

Communication with the building team was excellent. There were occasional unexpected dilemmas, though each situation was always handled fairly and reasonably, and without any arguments.

We elected to not have our architect manage the project. A terrific relationship developed with Tim Patterson who chiefly coordinated our renovation. He was always friendly, approachable and prompt to respond to any enquiries. His colleagues, Darren and Hayden, were more hands on with the construction process, and their attention to detail was superb.

The majority of work was done by Melpro’s own workers, as opposed to subcontractors. This enabled a consistent high standard of finish. When subcontractors were used, (such as the tiling, painting, joinery, electrical, and steel) they were all exceptional!

Our family would highly recommend Melpro on any building project. I am happy to discuss our experience further.

Best port of call is via my work on either XXXX XXXX or XXXX XXXX.

Dan Moylan