Building Project at Heather Grove

We are writing to thank you sincerely for your amazing work on our home. We are delighted to say that you completely exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the project. This is despite us having very high expectations.

We really enjoyed working with you. We found that every member of your team conducted themselves in a professional and courteous manner towards us and our children. This included all your subcontractors, who were equally as thorough and easy to deal with. The experience of our neighbours was equally good, with the residents of all four adjoining properties telling us that the impact for them was minor and was more than made up for by the courtesy of the builders. Thank you for the little things you did to assist our elderly neighbour Michael – he was very grateful.

During approximately eight months of build time, you were on site every day. We appreciated that fact that with every visit we could see clear progress. It made the time pass quickly to be able to see the spaces evolve on an almost daily basis. Thank you for tolerating our very frequent visits also!

We really appreciated your attention to detail, which was even greater than ours. You always checked with us about the little things to ensure that everything was done according to our preference. This was even down to exact heights of door handles, the clothesline, bath taps etc.

Throughout the build we were impressed by the comfortable rapport that developed between yourselves and us. This was very important to us as it made the process really enjoyable. It also meant that we felt comfortable to ask questions about why or how something was being done, without feeling that it was inappropriate or inconvenient for us to do so.

The finish of the house is beautiful, with everything completed to the absolute highest standard. We could not have asked for anything more. We are amazed that the finished product looks exactly as we imagined. There is such a great feel in the house also, due in no small part to the positive experience we had in working with you.

Since completion you have also been quick to respond to any little issues which needed addressing. We thank you sincerely for this approach…you continue to surpass our expectations even at this point!

Finally, we should add that as hard working professionals ourselves it was particularly delightful to have you working for us in the same way that we approach our own work. In our experience this is rare, so to find it on something as important as our renovation felt like we had struck gold!

Please feel free to show this letter to any prospective clients. We would welcome them to call us to discuss our experience or indeed to visit our home and see your work for themselves. We would be very proud to show it off!

With our most sincere thanks and kind regards, Scott and Madeleine.